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USA Grown Elderberries

We are so excited to announce that we sell elderberries grown in Missouri USA! These elderberries are grown better than organic! We receive them fresh/frozen and can ship them that way or we can dehydrate them for you!

Until we get our store set up on our page here you can email orders to

We weight berries fresh and sell in increments of 3 pounds. 

3 pounds fresh/frozen is $30 and if you want us to dehydrate them for you it is $40 for those 3 pounds. 

We can ship frozen which is around $20-$30. Shipping dehydrated is a flat rate of $8.

All orders will receive a how to video on how to make elderberry syrup and our own recipe for making your own super immune Elderberry Syrup or gummies. 


We are also taking orders for our Elderberry Astragalus Root Tincture & we now have Elderberry Immune Boosting Tea!!


Most of us are used to using dehydrated elderberries. When stored properly (in a clean dry glass jar in a dry and cool (out of direct sunlight)) area they can last up to 1 year. Frozen do tend to take up a bit more space and risk getting freezer burned if not packaged properly. 

Why do we measure fresh vs dehydrated? We offer the freshest elderberries for our customers. We dehydrate orders fresh and berries are from the current season. Berries are washed using vinegar and no harsh chemicals like bleach (using bleach in factor processing is common...YUCK!).  By not using any chemicals keeps the energetic vibration of these berries high and the medicinal properties at their best. So you are getting the absolute best price and product!

When making your elderberry tincture or syrup you can boil the elderberries and other herbs twice! This will get your more bang for your buck! What we do is we do the first decoction then our second and mix the two together. After that we compost the pressed herbs. 

1/3 Cup of dehydrated elderberries is equivalent to 1 Cup of fresh berries.  

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