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Holistic Nutrition for Farm & Companion Animals

I am a firm believer on feeding our animals their natural diet as found in nature. We have domesticated them but their digestive tracts have not changed, therefore their diets should be as close to their wild ancestors as possible. I will be starting a new blog 2021 that will include some tips on raw diets for our canine and feline companions and also some herbal tips for our goats and chickens. I will also have courses available in 2021 for those wanting a deep dive into these feeding methods. 

However, I do understand that not everyone can or wants to do raw feeding for their cats and dogs so we do offer what I have found to be the cleanest and most complete dry food on the market. 

We highly recommend their supplement line and their line of treats even for those who feed raw. Click the photo below for more information! This company has never had a recall and their manufacturing process is clean and pure only putting in the best USA grown/processed ingredients.

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