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Fun Facts!
The Short Coat Estrela Mountain Dog

The short coat Estrela is much more rare than the long coat. The stud of this litter is a gorgeous short hair fawn. This litter is the very first known litter of short hair Estrelas in the United States. We are making history here with these amazing dogs!!

Here are some facts about the short hair variety:

* The hair is actually thick and longer than what you would think. Some think it is like a terrier, when it is not.

* Being an owner of an Estrela Mountain dog is making history right now as you will have a rare breed here in the United States. But owning a short hair is MUCH more rare!!

* The short hair is no longer facing extinction like they once were, in the early 1900's the main coat of Estrelas in Portugal were in fact short hair. Then the long hair took over the popularity and the short hair was near extinction! That isn't the case anymore thank you to the amazing ethical breeders in Portugal and other countries. But the number of registered short hair coat Estrelas in Portugal is only about 8% of the total registration of the breed! We are very proud to bring them here to the United States!

* The short hair do wonderfully in all types of weather just as a long hair. So it is false to say the short hair don't do well in cold weather. They do wonderfully! And yes they shed too ;) They are just as fluffy and cuddly like the long hair <3

Pictured is the stud, Feto owned by Chris who lives in Canada. Feto is gorgeous and such a big sweetheart! I wanted to share some of his photos so you can see what a short hair looks like.

This litter has a variety of both long and short coats, although it is too early to tell who is who. <3

Also pictured is João Sem Medo owned by Manuela Paraíso. He is a gorgeous example of a short hair brindle! STUNNING isn't he?!I 

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